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Trailing Bouquet Price Guide
Remember our prices include the preservation and framing of your flowers in a frame of your choice from  any of our four frame collections and delivery back to you anywhere in the UK. VAT is also included in our prices.
As a general rule, teardrop bouquets tend to be smaller and more compact in design and will usually need to be framed in a 10” x 20” frame or 12” x 20” frame.
Trailing shower bouquets tend to be larger and more free flowing in design and most will usually need to be framed in a 12” x 24” or 13” x 26” frame. Most shower bouquets that we receive are displayed in this price range.
Very occasionally, we receive an extra large bouquet that requires a 14” x 26”  or even larger frame. Please note that extra large bouquets must be collected from us in person as they are too large to safely courier without getting damaged.
Optional Extras For Trailing Bouquets

IIf you wish, you can also have the groom’s buttonhole, a photograph, wedding invitation, order of service, place cards or other bits of memorabilia from your wedding displayed with the flowers. The prices for these optional extras are listed below.


Inclusion of Groom’s Buttonhole, Place Cards or other Small Item   FREE

Inclusion of Name and Date Tag in co-ordinating colour    Add  25

Inclusion of Wedding Invitation, Order of Service or Photograph  Add  50


Teardrop Bouquet 425

Small Shower Bouquet 450

Large Shower Bouquet 465

Add Buttonhole FREE

Large Shower Bouquet 465

Add Buttonhole FREE

Extra Large Shower Bouquet 495

Add Buttonhole - FREE

 The pictures above give you a rough idea of the prices of different sized keepsakes. However, every bouquet is different so if you would like to know more, please telephone us on 01202 848801 for a no obligation quote.

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Shower Bouquet
Shower Bouquet
Teardrop Bouquet
Teardrop Bouquet
Picture Size in Inches
Type of Bouquet

Bouquet Size





10 x 20
12 x 20


Teardrop Bouquet

Up to 18” drop

14 x 20

12 x 22


Small Shower Bouquet

Up to 20” drop

12 x 24
13 x 26


Large Shower Bouquet

20” to 24” drop

14 x 26
or larger


Extra Large Shower Bouquet

More than 24” drop

Shower Bouquet